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2011-02-11 16:21:46 by NoCoins

Some of you may know me as a regular BBS user, EpicFail.
And if you know me from that alias, you may recognize me as a local underground rapper here, while my main focus has always been horrorcore rap, I've been very interested in nerdcore hip-hop as well. While I will continue doing both genres, this account here is strictly for the audio portal and to keep any fans on Newgrounds I may earn, up to date with all of my future projects, etc.

Hopefully sooner than later, I will have artwork up, so I can have a good userpage picture and header.
If you want to talk to me about anything music related, as for the songs I post in the audio portal under this account, either PM me or e-mail me here.

I am usually always open to collaboration tracks, just get at me about them if you are interested in doing anything together. As long as I think you're talented enough for me to work with, I will happily do so.

Keep an eye out on my page and in the audio portal for some tracks, as of right now I am removing the nerdcore song I have submitted on my other account and bringing it over to this one, just makes more sense to have both accounts at this point.

I hope you guys enjoy my music!


Some new stuff I am working on at the moment, while worrying about making an album cover it isn't my main focus at this point, I'm sure I have already mentioned that somewhere in this post though, or on my other account.. Anyway, if you check out my favourite audio submissions you'll see one called 'Hackd Station', that's a collaboration track I was a part of with MC Mao. Long story short, a part two is in the making as I type this, I've got about 2 verses down so far, I'm getting myself all excited... Soon I will have my own audio submissions up. Just need to get the first one approved in the audio portal.


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2011-02-12 16:13:18

Man Wade needs to change that S to a Z asap.

NoCoins responds:



2011-02-12 18:34:37


NoCoins responds:

It will happen, I don't see why they wouldn't approve it.


2011-02-12 19:40:04

Just tell em your Epic's alternate account.

NoCoins responds:

I did, I mean it says it in the audio submissions description, I Pmed wade to change this names S to a Z, and told him it's EF's alt, and it says it in my new post on EF and on here.