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Finally !

2011-02-17 21:02:15 by NoCoins

Well I waited almost a week and finally my audio submissions have been approved (thanks Coop!)
I'd appreciate it if you guys checked them out, I think it's safe to assume you probably already have since you're on the page and it's doubtful you found it from anywhere on here besides the Audio Portal.
Let me know what you think of my music, horrorcore is the main genre I focus on so this is quite different for me to be doing, but so far I am loving every minute of it...

I'd really like to collaborate with some artists for my debut nerdcore album, so if any of you guys think I'm worth collaborating with please don't hesitate to contact me, I love working with other people, and any artist on Newgrounds is someone I will work with (given your music is good).
I've done collaborations with three artists on here now, QSik, The_Mortician97 and MC Mao, all tracks turned out great.
The track I did with MC Mao can be found in my favourites, he is the one who submitted it. Give that a listen if you will.
I've also collab'd with some underground horrorcore rappers, I won't bother naming any since there is not much point as they don't go on here... But check out my music either way, I hope it doesn't disappoint!


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2011-02-19 16:42:12

hey. i've listened to all of your tracks you have uploaded, and the one you did with MC Mao, i like your style quite a bit. your lyrics are awesome, funny, really great nerdcore. i make some beats from time to time, and i was wondering if you'd be interested in using 1 or 2 of them. here are the 2 that i personally feel are my best, but feel free to look at my page and see if there's any that you like. n/392134 n/390440

if you're interested, send me a PM, i'd like to see how it turns out.

(Updated ) NoCoins responds:

Hey man, I appreciate the kind words!
I will check those instrumentals/beats out in a bit here... I'm currently working on lyrics for one of SouthPawStyle's beats. As soon as I get those lyrics finished up I will take a listen to these and check out your others as well.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out the music man, always happy to hear from somebody who enjoys my music.


2011-02-19 22:03:08

alright man, cool. let me know what you think. i don't know if either of those would really fit your style or not, but we'll see. i thought the Asian sounding one would be good for something like an anime-geek type theme. anyway, hope you can use them, i'd love too see what you do with it

(Updated ) NoCoins responds:

i tried the moonlight 1 wrote some lyrics when i was sober and then it got to the point when it was a little more into it started soundin differnt thought it was just a loop. i got some tight lyrics tho man... ill try makin it work just wait imm drunk as fuck right now take my mind off lifes bullshit ya know but ill make something work man!!

yooo totally fucked this comment up... moonlight one is southpawstyles instrumental man my bad... gonna go thru yours later still got the rhymes down for yours just mixed up the shit ya know fuck i was hungover lol


2011-02-20 20:01:25

awesome, can't wait to see what happens. If you need something more like a loop, I'm sure I could cook up a little something. just hit me up sometime. i'm not really a GOOD producer, i'm actually pretty new to producing, but it's fun, and i feel like i'm improving, so maybe someday i'll have something really good.

NoCoins responds:

Word man... Will work more tonight or tomorrow when I finish up lyrics on this other one I'm working on, might be able to get em both written tonight if I don't want much sleep. We'll see how I feel later.


2011-02-20 21:49:32

lmfao man, don't kill yourself for it, there'll be plenty of time for it tomorrow :)
i'm looking forward to hearing it, but i'm a patient man, i can wait as long as necessary.

NoCoins responds:

Eh.. Sleep is nothing to me.. Music is far more important!