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hackd station 2!!

2011-02-24 01:34:10 by NoCoins

Me and MC Mao have been tearing it up this month, two collaborations and not a single regret - only positive feedback.
Hackd Station was our first track we did, as we decided a nerdcore track was most suitable for us - We went with it.
To my surprise, and I am sure his as well - We ended up getting weekly top five with that track, with a total of 339 downloads within one month. I think the first week, we had about 100.

And now, released only about forty minutes ago (maximum) - Hackd Station II!!! This is by far, one of the greatest tracks I have ever been involved in - I am very happy with it... Working with MC Mao is a great experience, as he is a much more talented MC than myself, and has taught me quite a bit within the month I've worked with him.
Go swing by his page and show him some respect, peep his tracks.


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2011-02-28 11:00:47

You are nerdcore man

NoCoins responds: