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My Love

2011-03-02 00:07:02 by NoCoins

Yesterday [Feb 28th 2011] I lost the love of my life to a fatal accident, a freak accident at that.
Looking back, her and I spent every day of our lives together - Every. Single. Day.
Since the day she came around, I never let her go... Never have I loved anyone so much!
The past week I had spent over one hundred dollars on her, and all for nothing.
We were spending some time last night, and suddenly she started acting very strange... It wasn't like her to do this - But I was being very cautious lately looking out for behavior like this as something similar happened before.
She just froze up, started staring at nothing, and then her eyes closed.
A few noises escaped from her, and that was it... The end.

A lot of people are saying I am to blame for this, as I was with her when it happened... It isn't my fault, I just want you guys to know... I didn't do it. I am having a very hard time living with myself right now, especially considering there is already someone else in my life not more than forty-eight hours later. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with me?

I'll never forget you beautiful, you were, and are my world. Every day we spent will be remembered, and cherished until the day I join you in the afterlife.

RIP my 60GB PS3 (From Launch), and hello 160GB Slim... (It just isn't the same)

My Love


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2011-03-02 04:36:03

words cannot describe how awesome this post is. well..not the post itself, because obviously it's depressing as hell, but the epic nerdiness behind it is so full of win.


2011-03-07 16:14:30

Its never easy loosing a console. They are always beside you, always there when you need them. I feel for you. Get a new one, but never forget about this beautiful baby console you have here.

It'll be okay. Move on my friend. The new PS3 Slim will grow on you, but don't forget, the launch PS3 will always be watching. Listening. Smelling, tasting, plotting, feeling, caressing, licking and fondling.

R.I.P NoCoins' PS3.

NoCoins responds:

You're right.
Although, it seems as though I can not get myself to spend as much time with the Slim... It just isn't the same yet.
I have purchased three games since I bought it though, so I know I will be spending some time with it real soon here... Just need to catch em' all on Pokemon White first.

I appreciate your kind words, and support in helping me through my darkest days.
Much love,



2011-03-07 18:18:45

hahahahahaha...i thought u were talking about your cat for a! atleast ya didnt get robbed to lose your console..that happened to me b4..sucked an A..

NoCoins responds:

My cats are all dead, yo!
I can't imagine the feeling of getting a console stolen... It happened to my Wii... But I don't give a fuck about Wiis, they suck.
That must have been terrible though, did they steal it right from your hands? Or what???