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Been a while

2011-03-12 20:06:11 by NoCoins

Just a quick minute here.

I think I'm taking a slight 'break' from Nerdcore - At this point in time I am focusing a lot on earning employment so I can afford a better mic, possibly build up a little studio here in my basement, and just have money to enjoy myself.

I've also been focusing a lot of time on my horrorcore projects, as they are far more important to me, and always will be.
I released a 16 track album just around the end of last month, February and the downloads have been quite good so far, as well as feedback besides quality issues - Nobody likes that, hence why I need a job to get better equipment.
I'm a few tracks in to my next horrorcore release already, I think I have around 4 tracks done and plan on releasing about nine or ten with it... Nothing big.

I have a lot of tracks in the works as well at this time, and am also going to be a part of a collaboration with The-Toad411 and some other artist(s), I have a good feeling about that track and believe it will go very well, had a blast recording my hook and verse - Probably funner than it should have been.

Just figured I'd keep anybody interested, updated.
I've also been spending a lot of time on the website I am a staff member at, we are doing weekly podcasts now starting last night as we tested it out to see how it would go. We ended up talking for an hour and a half, and had to stop early as the podcast was nearing 1 gig.
Not only that, but I am spending a lot of time on movie articles and video games, so I am extremely busy for a high school drop out who makes no money - Strange isn't it?
Anyway, that's about it... Take it easy, keep checking out the music and keep your eyes peeled for new tracks whenever they come.

PS. website I work on is for anybody interested, come stop by, join the forums, check out the articles, etc.

My Love

2011-03-02 00:07:02 by NoCoins

Yesterday [Feb 28th 2011] I lost the love of my life to a fatal accident, a freak accident at that.
Looking back, her and I spent every day of our lives together - Every. Single. Day.
Since the day she came around, I never let her go... Never have I loved anyone so much!
The past week I had spent over one hundred dollars on her, and all for nothing.
We were spending some time last night, and suddenly she started acting very strange... It wasn't like her to do this - But I was being very cautious lately looking out for behavior like this as something similar happened before.
She just froze up, started staring at nothing, and then her eyes closed.
A few noises escaped from her, and that was it... The end.

A lot of people are saying I am to blame for this, as I was with her when it happened... It isn't my fault, I just want you guys to know... I didn't do it. I am having a very hard time living with myself right now, especially considering there is already someone else in my life not more than forty-eight hours later. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with me?

I'll never forget you beautiful, you were, and are my world. Every day we spent will be remembered, and cherished until the day I join you in the afterlife.

RIP my 60GB PS3 (From Launch), and hello 160GB Slim... (It just isn't the same)

My Love

hackd station 2!!

2011-02-24 01:34:10 by NoCoins

Me and MC Mao have been tearing it up this month, two collaborations and not a single regret - only positive feedback.
Hackd Station was our first track we did, as we decided a nerdcore track was most suitable for us - We went with it.
To my surprise, and I am sure his as well - We ended up getting weekly top five with that track, with a total of 339 downloads within one month. I think the first week, we had about 100.

And now, released only about forty minutes ago (maximum) - Hackd Station II!!! This is by far, one of the greatest tracks I have ever been involved in - I am very happy with it... Working with MC Mao is a great experience, as he is a much more talented MC than myself, and has taught me quite a bit within the month I've worked with him.
Go swing by his page and show him some respect, peep his tracks.

Looking Good

2011-02-22 15:30:09 by NoCoins

Well, now that I have four tracks on here, I've decided to take this nerdcore project one step further... I'm on ReverbNation now! So, check me out there.. Become a fan and shit.
You can also 'like' me on Facebook (that is a temporary link until I can make a real name on it).

I got a few tracks on the go, so keep your eyes peeled guys.
Thanks for checking out the music and be on the lookout for Hackd Station II w/MC Mao and noCoinz

Finally !

2011-02-17 21:02:15 by NoCoins

Well I waited almost a week and finally my audio submissions have been approved (thanks Coop!)
I'd appreciate it if you guys checked them out, I think it's safe to assume you probably already have since you're on the page and it's doubtful you found it from anywhere on here besides the Audio Portal.
Let me know what you think of my music, horrorcore is the main genre I focus on so this is quite different for me to be doing, but so far I am loving every minute of it...

I'd really like to collaborate with some artists for my debut nerdcore album, so if any of you guys think I'm worth collaborating with please don't hesitate to contact me, I love working with other people, and any artist on Newgrounds is someone I will work with (given your music is good).
I've done collaborations with three artists on here now, QSik, The_Mortician97 and MC Mao, all tracks turned out great.
The track I did with MC Mao can be found in my favourites, he is the one who submitted it. Give that a listen if you will.
I've also collab'd with some underground horrorcore rappers, I won't bother naming any since there is not much point as they don't go on here... But check out my music either way, I hope it doesn't disappoint!


2011-02-11 16:21:46 by NoCoins

Some of you may know me as a regular BBS user, EpicFail.
And if you know me from that alias, you may recognize me as a local underground rapper here, while my main focus has always been horrorcore rap, I've been very interested in nerdcore hip-hop as well. While I will continue doing both genres, this account here is strictly for the audio portal and to keep any fans on Newgrounds I may earn, up to date with all of my future projects, etc.

Hopefully sooner than later, I will have artwork up, so I can have a good userpage picture and header.
If you want to talk to me about anything music related, as for the songs I post in the audio portal under this account, either PM me or e-mail me here.

I am usually always open to collaboration tracks, just get at me about them if you are interested in doing anything together. As long as I think you're talented enough for me to work with, I will happily do so.

Keep an eye out on my page and in the audio portal for some tracks, as of right now I am removing the nerdcore song I have submitted on my other account and bringing it over to this one, just makes more sense to have both accounts at this point.

I hope you guys enjoy my music!


Some new stuff I am working on at the moment, while worrying about making an album cover it isn't my main focus at this point, I'm sure I have already mentioned that somewhere in this post though, or on my other account.. Anyway, if you check out my favourite audio submissions you'll see one called 'Hackd Station', that's a collaboration track I was a part of with MC Mao. Long story short, a part two is in the making as I type this, I've got about 2 verses down so far, I'm getting myself all excited... Soon I will have my own audio submissions up. Just need to get the first one approved in the audio portal.